The Rum Club began in 2002 as purveyors of vintage sunglasses, taking perfectly preserved original eyewear sourced from rare private European collections, and reviving them into a modern fashion context.  The hand-picked pieces have been exhibited and sold internationally to collectors and directional retail spaces such as L’Eclaireur in Paris, and Cose Ipanema in Melbourne.

Influenced by the thrill of the hunt, a love of vintage collecting and the beauty of nature, The Rum Club (by Gretchen van Martin) has expanded the accessory line with a range of new objects for wearing.

Made of natural fibres, each piece is a one-off item that has been hand-cut, dyed, lacquered and carefully assembled; ethically and sustainably. We celebrate natural occurrences in the wood that might otherwise be discarded as flaws:  Expect variations due to seasonal changes and the hand-formed nature of the items.

Seasonless wearable art.  Released in limited editions.